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lawn mowing

If you sit back any evening of the week during the season you will see fantastic, well groomed ballparks. Lawn cutting is a true art, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it; let’s spend time looking at a few ways pros go about it.

lawn mowing

  • Plan it out: There are different schools of thought when it comes to cutting grass. Some homeowners believe the best approach is to cut the edges first and put the clippings back on the lawn and have them mulched by the mower. Other homeowners are of the opinion that cutting first will reduce the time needed to edge and trim. Pick the one that suits you best, it really doesn’t matter.
  • Wide border: Cut a reasonably wide border all around the perimeter of the area. Cut it wide enough that you have ample room to turn the mower in without ending up in the flower bed.
  • Not real short: Scalping the grass is a big mistake, this is how you end up with brown patches where the ground is not even and you put considerable strain on the roots. Cut your grass about three inches tall, this will keep the soil shaded which helps eliminate weeds and maintains water better.
  • Watch your cutting speed: Wet grass in particular resists a quick cut but even when the weather is warm and dry the best results for your lawn cutting happen when you take your time, a rushed job will result in uneven and unsightly results.
  • Look ahead: Don’t look down at the lawn mower, focus a few feet in front; the results will be much straighter lines.
  • Leave the clippings where they are: Picking up the grass clippings will only stop them from being tracked into the house, they should be left as the mulch puts needed nutrients into the soil.

As grass tens to lean in the direction of the cut, for a better looking lawn alternate the cutting pattern. Changing the direction you mow will ensure your grass grows straighter and healthier.

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