Don’t Be a Target of Winter Lawn Pests – Lawn Mowing Service Lowell Arkansas

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Don’t Be a Target of Winter Lawn Pests – Lawn Mowing Service Lowell Arkansas

I have to admit that one of the reasons I like winter so much is that the bugs go back to the fiery pits from whence they came and leave me alone for several glorious months. But, as a responsible adult and homeowner, it’s come to my attention that many pests that want to invade your space don’t go away – ever. They often use the colder temperatures to find their way into your Lowell home and become, often unbeknownst to you, your new roommates.

lawn service lowell ar

You don’t have to be a Ph.D. level entomologist to control the pests that have taken up residence in your home. Just know that as the temperatures drop and stay low that you will need to be diligent to keep them from riding out the winter in and around your home – and here are a few tips to help you make that happen!

Keep Your Gutters Clear

Gutters are made to collect rainwater, but they often end up collecting a lot more than that. Debris can build up in your gutters and make a nice home for box elder bugs and spiders to ride out the cold winter temperatures. Plus, keeping your gutters clear will help direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation, instead of overflowing onto the soil around your home. When the soil around your perimeter is moist, it makes a perfect home for bugs.

Rake Your Leaves

It’s OK to leave some leaves on the ground for protection in the winter, but don’t go all season without doing some raking. You need to keep leaves off your lawn and away from your foundation. If you leave a blanket of rotting leaves on your lawn, you’re only providing a shelter for bugs and other pests all winter long.

Trim the Trees and Shrubs

You need to make sure you get rid of any vines, trim bushes, and cut any tree branches that come within six feet of your home. Rodents and insects can use these branches as a superhighway into your Lowell home, where they can make a nice nest in your attic until winter recedes.

Get Those Leaks Fixed

Insects and other pests need water, just like you. If you have active leaks in your home in Lowell, then pests will be drawn to the moisture in your home. Any areas in your foundation that collect water, or areas outside of your home need to be filled, and active leaks repaired.

Put Your Food Away

Don’t leave food, including pet food, accessible in your home. Fruit shouldn’t be left out and dirty dishes shouldn’t be left stacked in your sink. Make sure no morsel of food is available for pests to pillage as they search for sources of food to sustain them throughout the winter. Don’t give them what they’re looking for!

Keep Your Trash Sealed

Any trash cans you have should be kept covered and sealed. When trash is left in the open it becomes a food source and a literal breeding ground for pests – all pests.

Bugs and other pests may not be as visible throughout the winter months, but don’t worry – they’re still out there. You’re not Dr. Doolittle, so don’t create an environment that welcomes these pests and helps them to persist through the winter months. Protect yourself and your family with these simple steps! If you need help making your lawn less hospitable to pests, Resurrection Lawn Care is always here to help!

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